Friday, 2 February 2007

In the beginning........

People puzzle me, I can't understand why some of them feel they have this absolute right to tell others how to live there life. What's the big deal if they don't do it like you would? Surley that's what makes us all different and exciting!

It starts I think in school, all the other kids saying 'no thats not right', 'yours is not as good as mine' and so on, they are programming others to do it their way!!

The thing thats really quite funny is we as humans, pick out the individuals who do things differently and make them into hero's, god helf film stars of today if they did it like everyone else! what would the papers have to gossip about?!

And talking of papers why do they feel we have this unsated hunger for the crap that they write?

I don't care if Tom cruise say's his new wife can't yell in child birth! I'm sure she did and if she had any sence some of it would have been directed at him and the brainless media!!

That brings me smartly back to the problem of people telling others what to do! Especially the media!!

Ah! well rant for today over!